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Dec 1, 2021

Poké Ball Crafting

Poké Ball Crafting

Poké Balls are an item that you cannot go without in your Pokémon journey, so learning to craft these in the PokéWild server can be important.

Before crafting a Poké Ball you will need to obtain the following items;

Apricorns can be found in the wild!

   |Step 1| - Smelt your Apricorns in the furnace with coal. This will cook the Apricorns.

   |Step 2| - Craft the Iron into Iron Bases & the Apricorns into Poké Ball Discs.

   |Step 3| - Craft an Iron Hammer out of the remaining resources.

/recipebook hammer to find this recipe

   |Step 4| - Place down the Smithing Table, Drop the bases & discs on it, and hold left click on the Smithing Table.

Smithing process

   |Step 5| - Craft your Poké Balls!

/recipebook ball to find this recipe