How to get started on PokeWild?


Posted on February 12, 2024 by Minow15

Welcome to PokeWild, Pokémon Trainer ! Before diving into the adventure, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the essential elements of the server. You can find them on the PokeWild Discord.


A careful reading of the rules is essential to avoid any problems or sanctions. Once you have assimilated the rules and understood how the server works, it's time to start your adventure. Connect to the server using the address "play.pokewild.com".


The first step is to familiarize yourself with the basic commands. They will allow you to navigate the server and explore the Pokémon world that awaits you.


Basic commands include "/spawn" to return to the starting point, "/profile" to access the main menu, and "/tpa" to teleport to another player. Once you have mastered these commands, you can start creating your Pokémon team and battling other players.


Your adventure on Pokewild begins with creating your Pokémon town !


Use "/rtp" to teleport randomly and start capturing Pokémon, the command "/gd claim <Name of your town>" will help you establish your own town. Make it thrive to impress other players.


There are several ways to earn coins and rewards on Pokewild.


Participate in battles in the arenas to earn rewards and strengthen your Pokémon team to become a formidable trainer.


The "/battlepass" command gives you access to daily quests, where you can earn coins, Pokémon eggs, and other rewards. 
Trading and commerce will help you in your adventure, use "/shop" to access the shop and "/gts" to buy or sell items with other trainers. Communication and exchange are essential in the Pokémon world.


Finally, check "/rewards" to discover the rewards you can earn by staying connected to the server.


Train your Pokémon by participating in battles in the arenas. Earn rewards and progress through levels to improve the power of your team.


In summary, to start off well on Pokewild, familiarize yourself with the server rules, basic commands, creating your Pokémon team, and quests. By following these steps, you will be ready to fully enjoy your Pokémon trainer experience on the server !