What are some custom items and how do I get them?

Evolution Items - can mostly be obtained from shops at /warp pokemart or /warp battletower.

Held Items - can be obtained from /warp pokemart, /warp battletower, winning a tournament (check /loot); berries can drop from breaking grass or leaves.

Megastones/Keystones - drop randomly from master loot after defeating a Purple Boss (check /loot) or can be obtained in tournaments; can also be purchased from our store (/store).

Fossils - can drop when mining normal stone. You can hatch them in /warp pokecenter at the Fossil Machine.

EV Related Items - usually obtained from /warp pokemart.

Nature/IV Capsules - these completely re-roll a Pokémon's nature or IVs. They can be obtained from the battle tower shop at /warp battletower

Mounts - can be crafted through /recipebook Mount

PC, Trade Machine, Healer, and Ranch - can be crafted through /recipebook [name] (e.g. /recipebook Healer)

Please note: most items can also be purchased through /gts

Last Updated: 11 July 2023 10:36

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