What are some useful commands I should know?

  • /spawn - teleports you to the spawn (main hub, this is where the egg incubators will be)

  • /warp [name] - teleports you to the specified warp. Warps you will use often:

    • pokemart - NPC shops that sell most of the basic blocks and Pokémon items, including pokeballs and Move Tutor (to relearn or learn new moves)

    • pokecenter - A center to heal your Pokémon, open your PC, and a common place to trade with others

    • battletower - Battle Towers are special areas set up specifically for Pokémon battles, with multiple floors and difficulties that reward BattlePoints, a currency you can spend only in the battletower shop.

  • /ask - ask online staff members a question if you need help

  • /tpa [name] - sends a teleportation request to another player

  • /sethome or /home - sets a teleport location to a certain area; use this once you find an area to set up your claim so you can get back to it using /home [home name]

  • /plc sethome or /plc home - sets a specific teleport location inside your claim

  • /menu - access the main menu for Pokewild

  • /gts - access the general trade system, where you can buy items and Pokémon that other players are selling
Last Updated: 24 June 2023 18:06

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