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What are some useful commands I should know?
  • /spawn - teleports you to the spawn (main hub, this is where the egg inc

How do I play on the server?

Upon entering the server for the first time, you'll get to choose a starter Pokémon and some starter equip

What are some custom items and how do I get them?

Evolution Items - can mostly be obtained from shops at /warp pokemart or /warp battletower

How do I earn pokegems?

You can earn pokegems by voting (/vote), completing /bingo, or you can purchase the

How do I claim land?

Once you set out into the world, you can set up a claim. To do so, you will need your golden shovel Claim T

How do I get legendary Pokémon and how does the legendary spawn work?

Legendary Pokémon have a chance to spawn every hour (60 minutes apart) near the player and will announce the l

How do I evolve my Pokémon?

To know when and how to evolve your Pokémon, use /evoline [name].


How do I catch Pokémon?

There are 2 ways to catch a Pokémon:

  • Catch them during battle using the Bag button (you m
Can I go to the nether / end?

You cannot go to the nether or end but you can obtain those blocks from /warp pokemart.

How do I earn pokecoins?

You can earn pokecoins through defeating Pokémon, bosses, and trainers in the wild, completing daily