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Claiming in PokéWild

Claiming in PokéWild

Ensuring that your belongings are safe and protected is important, as nobody likes to lose something they worked hard to obtain, because of this PokéWild has you covered with the "Claim Tool" feature.

Obtaining & using the Claim Tool is easy, and should only take a couple of minutes to get the hang of. For obtaining this item, there is two methods which are as follows;

|Method 1| - Using Daily Kits
   - In the /kits UI players can find a free kit redeemable once every 24 hours containing a Claim Tool.

Kit UI

|Method 2| - Crafting
   - Using /recipebook you can find the recipe to craft a Claim Tool. This recipe is simple to follow as it only requires three sticks.

Recipe for Claim Tools

Once you have acquired a Claim Tool using it is simple as it only requires a single right click while holding the wand to claim an entire chunk of land. This will be free for your first claim, but after a few will begin costing 1000$ a claim, and slowly escalate in price.
   - NOTE - A chunk of land is a 16x16 area along the X & Z axis, including Y coordinates 0 > 256.

After doing right clicking the chunk, you should notice your city name above the chunk as seen in this image verifying that your land is claimed and protected!

Poké Ball Crafting

Poké Ball Crafting

Poké Balls are an item that you cannot go without in your Pokémon journey, so learning to craft these in the PokéWild server can be important.

Before crafting a Poké Ball you will need to obtain the following items;

Apricorns can be found in the wild!

   |Step 1| - Smelt your Apricorns in the furnace with coal. This will cook the Apricorns.

   |Step 2| - Craft the Iron into Iron Bases & the Apricorns into Poké Ball Discs.

   |Step 3| - Craft an Iron Hammer out of the remaining resources.

/recipebook hammer to find this recipe

   |Step 4| - Place down the Smithing Table, Drop the bases & discs on it, and hold left click on the Smithing Table.

Smithing process

   |Step 5| - Craft your Poké Balls!

/recipebook ball to find this recipe
The Pokémon Center

The Pokémon Center

The Pokémon Center is a large red building on the West end of spawn primarily used for healing your Pokémon, but it also contains a lot of other useful elements.

Pokémon Center Building

As you enter the Pokémon Center you will be greeted by Nurse Joy alongside a Healer machine. Right clicking on her or the machine will fully heal the Pokémon in your party. You can also craft a healer using /recipebook healer.

Nurse Joy alongside the Healer machine

To the right of Nurse Joy you will find a PC. Right click this to open up your Personal Computer where you can store your Pokémon in. You can also craft a PC using /recipebook pc.

PC System

To the left of Nurse Joy you will find the Trade Machines. Right click this to open up a menu to allow you to trade Pokémon with other users. You can also craft a Trade Machine using /recipebook machine.

Trading System

The final section of the Pokémon Center is Dr. Book's EV/IV checker in the right corner. Right click Dr. Book holding a Pokémon of your choice to display its IVs and EVs in chat.

Dr. Book